Field To Table

Fresh Mart helps to grow economically viable small-scale farms through regenerative practices in Bangladesh. We provide technical assistance to the farmers, training, and enhanced access to the local crop's varieties. We have lined our collection and distribution system so that the fresh harvests can reach you intact and quick. Fresh Mart, thus, is an online marketplace for selling high quality and locally grown produces making connections between farmers and consumers.

Fresh Mart strives beyond organic and curated quality. We regularly visit farms and talk to the producers and carefully select the best produces for you. You can shop confidently in Fresh Mart as we assure that all products on our shelves are grown, produced, and processed naturally with lesser human contacts and highest standards. Our reasonable pricing also ensures a fair return to the farmers and the affordability of the customers.

Fresh Mart is inclusive and community-centered. We are committed to bringing positive changes to the livelihoods around us. Motto of Fresh Mart is being eco-friendly, resilient, and sustainable. We use reusable and perishable jute bags for the delivery. We also contribute to farmer's community through charities, donations; and share a profit margin to women empowerment, child schooling, emergency relief and awareness on hygiene and sanitation.