Product Traceability

Traceability of the products is the key strength of Fresh Mart

In simple words, traceability is a system in which products can be traced from the ‘field to table’ through scanning a unique digital code. Fresh Mart checks each and every phase of a product from production to packaging to delivery.

The quality requirements are being maintained at every level of the supply chain, we at Fresh Mart take initiatives for a robust traceability mechanism in our safe products, as this farming practice is gaining more and more importance due to the growing awareness at the customer’s end. It helps to establish clear linkages between the beneficiary and end-users through ‘field-to-table’ monitoring. It ensures implementation of appropriateness, quality and food safety during pre-harvest & post-harvest, processing, storing, packaging and distribution of the product.

The trace is maintained to keep the quality in check by using it to access systems, anywhere, anytime, by any beneficiary and customer. The traceability ensures compliance standards as no document can be issued without going through the traceability software and the inbuilt checks in the system to make sure that the succeeding step can be carried out only of the preceding steps were successfully complied with. The result of every activity in the system is recorded in the traceability log and made available for the next user in the supply chain, resulting in complete transparency.

Steps of the traceability mechanism of Fresh Mart are:

• Scan the QR/Bar Code of the product from your mobile,
• Check the popped-up new screen in the mobile screen that shows ‘field-to-table’ details of the product as Traceability Log, and
• Discover how preciously we check the quality level of a product. The details you will see:

a. General Information (name, weight, MRP, Mfg and Exp date, batch number)
b. Ingredient (ratio of the material and level of nutrition)
c. Production process (name of GPS production area, duration of production, harvest time, how this is processed, duration of processing, sorting and packing)
d. Distribution (entry and exit in the hubs, dates, addresses of the hubs, name of operator, type of vehicle)
e. Delivery (area and date of delivery, name of deliveryman and type of vehicles)
f. Standard number from Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institution (BSTI)